Seven reasons to use EFVM

EFVM - not a contagious disease, rather an excellent way of detecting leaks in roofing membranes.

And unlike a contagious disease, EFVM has loads of benefits.

1)  You'll be able to pinpoint any membrane breaches exactly

2)  EFVM won't harm the membrane

3)  EFVM can be performed on sloped structural decks

4)  Any defects in the membrane can be repaired and retested without causing delays to the building schedule

5)  Unlike traditional flood testing, only a small amount of water is required for the EFVM test.  As a result, there's no need to add extra structural support to a building – this may be required for flood testing

6)  EFVM eliminates unnecessary removal of the overburden to locate a membrane breach

7)  Membrane performance can be monitored during its lifespan through the overburden