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Long term protection of your property


ILD is acknowledged worldwide for quality leak detection and integrity testing procedures, plus the development and installation of integrated sustainable flat roof protection systems.

We are not only internationally acclaimed for our pioneering technologies and services, but also for our exemplary customary advisory service.

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How EFVM works

EFVM is a super smart testing method that enables us to locate defects in roofing membranes with pinpoint accuracy.  



  • NO WATER - so no need for structural reinforcing.
  • COMPLIANCE. We can ensure you meet your local council's requirements on leak detection.

Where it can be used

  • Garden roofs
  • Roofs with paving stones
  • Parking garages/parking decks
  • Swimming pools
  • Exposed membrane roofs
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ILD is a multinational organisation with an excellent reputation. 

We're the only business in New Zealand to offer electronic leak detection.  It enables us to take guesswork out of pinpointing leaks and to ensure membranes are watertight.

We regularly work with architects, builders, water-proofers and homeowners.  We can offer guidance on how leak detection can be included in architectural specifications and building plans, and what you need to do to comply with council codes and regulations.


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Working with Tom is always a breeze - I would recommend him to anyone.
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Tom’s a total professional, he helped us ensure we’d tick all the council’s boxes.
— Sam, architect
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