The Revolutionary EFVM Leak Detection

Leak Detection

Now available in New Zealand, the EFVM® leak detection system makes flood testing waterproofing membranes a thing of the past.

Initially introduced to the United States market in 2001, the EFVM® System is now used extensively around the world.

Waterproofing membrane defects can be caused during or after installation, i.e. mechanical damage caused by others, workmanship defects, material defects, design faults, weather related defects or membrane deterioration.

EFVM® now provides an efficient and highly accurate leak detection solution.

What is EFVM®

EFVM® is a low voltage test method that creates an electrical potential difference between a non-conductive membrane surface and a conductive substrate, which is earthed or grounded.

By applying water on the membrane surface and using the water as a conductive medium, an electric field is created and a breach in the membrane creates a vector (ground fault connection).

The EFVM® technician reads the electric flow travelling across the membrane mapping the breaches with pin point accuracy.

Advantages of the EFVM® testing system

  • Exact pinpointing of membrane breaches
  • Non-destructive to the membrane
  • Can be performed on sloped structural decks
  • Membrane defects can be repaired and retested without delay to the construction schedule
  • Limited use of water required for the EFVM® test
  • Eliminates unnecessary removal of the overburden to locate a membrane breach
  • Membrane performance can be monitored during its lifespan through the overburden

Light indicator on Green Roof


Where EFVM® can be utilised

  • Garden Roofs
  • Roofs with ballast
  • Roofs with paving stones
  • Exposed membrane roofs
  • Non-insulated and insulated roof systems
  • Inverted roof systems
  • Parking garages/Parking decks
  • Pond/water container liners
  • Swimming pools

When EFVM® can be utilised

  • Upon completion of the installation or repair of the waterproofing membrane
  • Prior to the expiration of warranties
  • Annually, to detect any membrane defects at an early stage to prevent costly water damage.

Technicians report

Our fully trained and certified technicians complete the EFVM® integrity test by conducting a visual inspection of all wall junctions, perimeter details and membrane penetrations, then providing CAD drawings, picture documentation and a written report detailing the locations of the breaches.


EFVM® is unique in its ability to test the integrity of waterproof membranes without needing to remove the overburden.

This non-destructive method is important for greenroof systems because the waterproof membrane is effectively fully submerged in water posing a greater risk of a breach.

Many large scale greenroof developments now utilize EFVM® prior to and after overburden placement. EFVM has been successfully utilized with soil more that 1m deep!!

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Leaks happen. 
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